Cristallo Custom, unparalleled elegance and superior security for your most precious treasures.

“Cristallo Custom” is a true jewel of engineering and design. This custom safe features a whitewashed brushed oak exterior, adding a touch of sophistication and blending seamlessly into any setting. The single opening armored showcase, with side mirrors, offers an extraordinary view of your collections of weapons or precious objects.

With a capacity to hold up to 15 long guns, or, if you prefer, 10 long guns and cut crystal side shelves to display your valuables or handguns, “Cristallo Custom” is the ideal solution for lovers of weapons and objects worth.
The bleached brushed oak exterior is accented with polished gold brass details, adding a touch of luxury and style. This combination of high quality materials creates a perfect harmony between strength and beauty.

Inside, the safe features a velvet suede paneled interior panel on a solid, moisture-wicking wooden frame. This ensures optimal protection for your treasures, keeping them safe and safe from damage.
“Cristallo Custom” is the result of our attention to detail and constant commitment to offer superior quality products. Every aspect has been carefully taken care of, from design to implementation, to ensure a unique and satisfying experience for our most demanding customers.

If you are a gun or valuables enthusiast and want a security option that combines elegance and functionality, “Cristallo Custom” is the perfect choice for you.


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